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Who We Are

Solar Philippines is the largest developer of Solar Rooftop power plants in South East Asia. We boast of an in-house team of Solar Energy experts backed by a proven track record with the largest commercial plants in the country.

Our goal is to put solar panels on every single rooftop in the Philippines. We are your all-in one solar provider doing financing, custom engineering and installation. We are proud of the largest-scale rooftop deployments, with a growing pipeline of projects in the business community.

Solar Philippines is committed to sustainable development and renewable energy, going deeper than the services we provide. With the impending threat of price hikes and power shortages, we are here to help you reduce both your electricity costs and your carbon footprint.

By sourcing materials directly from the most trusted manufacturers, we maximize the value of our investments and reduce long-term risk. Each the No. 1 supplier in volume in its field, our suppliers have inspired confidence in the world’s biggest banks and solar developers. That said, we are brand agnostic, with no binding partnerships that would prevent us from recommending anything but the most ideal components for your specific project needs. Our holistic approach takes into account quality, price, and long-term warranties, allowing us to achieve the greatest possible return on investment.