Calatagan Solar Farm

63.3 MW

After pioneering the nation’s first large-scale solar rooftop projects, Solar Philippines claims a new frontier with the launch of the largest solar farm in Luzon. The solar plant comprises over 200,000 panels on a 160-hectare property. It is now supplying enough to power the entire Western Batangas.

A Solution to the Impending Power Crisis

An impending power crisis in 2015 is set to hit our country, with electrical rates projected to shoot up. Save your business from the crisis with our large-scale solar solutions tailor-fit for your establishment.

Top-Tier International Suppliers

Solar Philippines is making international solar solutions now available to Filipinos by partnering with top-tier brands. Combined with our in-house team of solar energy experts, you can be sure that your establishment can go solar with the best company in the country.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

With the realization that fossil fuels are not sustainable, both financially and environmentally, companies are looking at solar as the new global trend in energy.