Family Home Starter

A 1.5kWp system is suited for homes with electric bills of P6K to P10K per month. Perfect for stay-at-home moms or those who use a small air-conditioner during the day, or have multiple refrigerators.

Save around P2.5K per month on your monthly bills immediately after installation.

Starts at P188,888

Going Green Family Home

A 3kWp system is recommended for homes with average monthly electricity bills of P9K to P15K+. If you're running an air-conditioner or water pump during the day, this package is for you.

Save around P5K per month by switching to clean, renewable solar power.

Starts at P318,888

Solar Powered Household

A 5kWp system fits homes with average monthly electricity bills of at least P15k and can power 2 large refrigerators, all-day air-conditioning, computers, and other appliances.

Save as much as P8K per month and see a return on your solar investment in less than 5 years.

Starts at P498,888